Simplified Promoting

“It was the idea of promoting good songs on much simplified manners using the internet initially and a hub website, that started it all, instead of old ways of pressing records and having several months of lead times for every release. With the internet today you reach fans with minutes, and if your sound and […]

Time is perfect to enter next phase

Founder and Exec from BritishPopSongs / BeatHouse Managment & Online PR agency Ian Nilsen reveals plans for the next phase of the BeatHouse/BritishPopSongs adventure in Berlin. Ian Nilsen mentioned that the current change of tone within the global recording industry over the last six months signaled that it was time to move into the next […]

BeatHouse International

From turning ultra creative ideas into compelling marketing campaigns, how to succeed in the ever more competitive world of social media – BeatHouse Copenhagen has turned into a highly interesting hub of creatives based in Northern Europe, having learned the absolute key skills of how to go all the way in the world of cyberspace […]