“Moments Of Idiocy”

Some musicians lives a wild life and burns out pretty quickly. Others choose nowadays to live a steady life and treat the fact being a musician is just like any other job.and then you got someone like Stian Summer. We talk to a person that often gets caught up in the moment and who do […]


When all comes to all, runaway artist Stian Summer and BritishPopSongs label manager, CEO, founder, songwriter, producer Ian Nilsen, is basicly the one and the same person. The list of tasks that Ian undertakes both within the BritishPopSongs framework and BeatHouse International is in the end too long to mention here. yet is “Stian Summer” […]

Stian Summer – Interview

Why Stian Summer? Stian is the grown up person in me that does not want to grow up yet, and that just want to play pop music and not care about the more grown up issues one have. Its fun and capricious, however still pretty deep in thoughts. isn’t Stian Summer some 20-year-old? yes or […]