Get Played On Radios

Get Played On Radios is a e-book filled with ideas and strategies on how to get your own music played on the holy grail of music promotion, the radio. Even in todays social media landscape it takes more than some youtube videos and posting on FaceBook to make it in the music industry. First of […]

Ian Nilsen BIO

Ian Nilsen is originally from Scandinavia, but has spent most of his adult life abroad. He started out playing piano in his mid-teens, but eventually ventured into modern pop and rock music in various roles – as producer, songwriter, and artist. Upon moving to Paris in the early 90’s, he signed his first record deal. […]

Stian Summer, a lost case?

Even when he is serious he’s not, Ian says about his alter-ego, wanna-be youngster Stian Summer. “He is a lost case”, says the busy songwriter/producer in between a couple of recording sessions. “Just because he is fictive, he doesn’t know how to behave in public.” he laughs.   His approach to adult pop music anno […]

ian Nilsen in 10 lines

I have for a long time worked as a producer and song-writer and has written and produced a large number of songs ranging from acoustic folk through to pop and rock. I have written and co-written together with American, Australian and English writers. Now, with the birth of UK-style vanity label BritishPopSongs in early spring […]