Stian Summer – Tell Me – Press Release

ARTIST:Stian Summer
RELEASE DATE: 20-04-2018
ISCR: tba


If you like edgy pop, high octane with catchy choruses then maybe you will like this. It’s music for grown ups that doesn’t really wants to grow up, at least not yet.
Stian Summer is an English Power-Pop project just about to hit the ground. It’s music for grown-ups who don’t really want to grow up… at least not just yet!
“As much as we all like records that grow on you and that you can listen to forever, it is great sometimes to listen to a song that is just full-on from start to finish….

20 April 2018 (Copenhagen) – Stian Summer havce released “Tell Me” via BritishPopSongs / BeatHouse Int, the trendsetting Scandinavian label. “Tell Me” is part of a larger number of single releases from Stian set for 2018, and it is available now at all digital resellers.

Stian Summer is the brainhild and alter-ego of Ian Nilsen, writer/producer and founder of the BritishPopSongs universe among a host of other activities and a member of a new string of musical entrepreneurs coming out of Scandinavia operating worlwide. The music style of Stian Summer is loosely based on the best of 80’s and 90’s UK styled songwriting and copled with a largely electronic sound of 2018.

Stian Summer is all what Ian Nilsen is not, refusing to grow up, un-responsable on paper with a musical universe uplifting and fun pop, but someone that also explores a deeper adult pop sound with deeper lyrics. 

“Tell Me is a cool remix of classic Stian Summer, an uptempo ultra pop smash with hints of the 80’s as always.
Tellingly, Ian Nilsen from BritishPopSongs will agree on this. The 80’s was all made for a special atmosphere and if you combine that with great britpop moments you cant go much wrong. and London label BritishPopSongs is very much that.. By getting inspired by the best of 70’s to 90’s British Pop Music… coupled with some more than decent tunes, produced with some flair and imagination… and finally getting singers and lyric writers in that got something at heart (or just get on doing it yourselves under a bunch of synonyms)… you sum it up and you have the essential BritishPopSongs.and with well over 50 singles lined up for future releases we haven’t heard the last from this bunch yet, far from it.


When all comes to all, runaway artist Stian Summer and BritishPopSongs label manager, CEO, founder, songwriter, producer Ian Nilsen, is basicly the one and the same person.
The list of tasks that Ian undertakes both within the BritishPopSongs framework and BeatHouse International is in the end too long to mention here. yet is “Stian Summer” not some sort of a marketing ploy or something, he is actually an artist/singer albeit virtual, that simply does his own thing. In the end it is his songs that should catch on, not some concept.
The sound is pop/punk, pretty british, bit of Cure, but with many other references put into it.

as Ian puts it himself:
“Stian is the grown up person in me that does not want to grow up yet, and that just want to play pop music and not care about the more grown up issues one have.
Its fun and capricious, however still pretty deep in thoughts.
He’s in his twenties still, probably late 20′s early 30′s, but have experienced much more in life. You can’t run away from things that has happened to you , but you can choose to highlight certain sides of yourself at certain times.
and any men tend to stop growing up from 25 onwards, and that’s for the good and the bad.”
Ian have been at the party circuit for years and have had so much fun and have met so many interesting people, people that he would never have met, had he had been living the sensible life.
“There are so many people out there giving advice on how to have the perfect life and live long…. that it gets a bit confusing and tiring to say at least.
They just tend to forget that when you smile at life, it smiles back at you again”
The main musical inspirations that Ian draw on for “the Stian Summer project” could best be described as David Bowie, Brian Ferry and the Cure , but there could be many, mainly British 70′s and 80′s. The production however mixes the fantastic British recording traditions with the 2018 Swedish production traditions.
Ian continues:
“All the Stian Summer songs are pretty special to me, because they all combined somehow describes Stian Summer very well. They all came pretty quickly and I knew that his collection of songs were the ones i would work around for time to come. They all got the ingredients that good songs need, a real hook, great guitars, the right tempos and attitude.
It’s my very hope that these are songs where you possibly want to push replay as soon as they are over…
and that is in the end what defines great songs. I remember when I was kid and bought records, I always had that with some of my favorite bands . I simply had to listen again and again, my mum simply went crazy”
Live Ian performs the Stian Summer live show either solo on guitar, solo on piano or as a trad. four piece.
the Stian Summer project will play a series of live dates during 2018.

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