Stian Summer – Satisfied

If you like edgy pop, high octane BritPop inspirred anthem styled tracks with slight catchy choruses then maybe you will like this. It’s music for grown ups that doesn’t really wants to grow up, at least not yet and with a big thank you going back to the great music that came out of UK in the 90’s


Stian Summer is an English Power-Pop project just about to hit the ground. It’s music for grown-ups who don’t really want to grow up… at least not just yet!

“As much as we all like records that grow on you and that you can listen to forever, it is great sometimes to listen to a song that is just full-on from start to finish….

“Satisfied” and “Standing Tall” are edits of upcoming releases others than Stian Summer, but gives a chance to discover some nice tracks before they chance too much.

Tellingly, Ian Nilsen from BritishPopSongs will agree on this. The 80’s and 90’s was all made for a special atmosphere and if you combine that with great britpop moments you cant go much wrong. and London label BritishPopSongs is very much that..By getting inspired by the best of 70’s to 90’s British Pop Music… coupled with some more than decent tunes, produced with some flair and imagination… and finally getting singers and lyric writers in that got something at heart (or just get on doing it yourselves under a bunch of synonyms)… you sum it up and you have the essential BritishPopSongs.and with well over 50 singles lined up for future releases we haven’t heard the last from this bunch yet, far from it.

Track: Only Wanna Die For You

Artist: Stian Summer (Cooled Remixed)

Release Date: Out Soon

Label: BritishPopSongs


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