Why getting radio airplay is the best thing you can do for your music career

Ok guys, this shouldn’t really be necessary to answer but we do actually get the question a lot, why is it so important to get played on radios or as or friends in other bands more directly put is “why are you guys so overly obsessed with getting airtime???

Here is why we are obsessed with getting our songs played on radios: Getting good airtime on radios brings you lots of new fans. It gets you invited to do live shows in new places. It gets you interviews in radios and other medias. And, it opens doors and defines you as an established artist.

When you get airplay on the right radio stations the phone will start to ring. I mean ring intensely. It’s promoters, its managers and it’s the labels that want to give you a record deal. And why shouldn’t they. Even though there still is a long way from getting on rotation to selling a million albums, you are now a potential rising star. But the best thing is that now its them calling you. This means that you can also set your terms of how collaboration should be. And if you do that right that can mean a lot more earning a freedom to you!

We shouldn’t end this entry without another, more emotional reason why we put so much energy into getting airtime: it simply feels so bloody good. You can ask just about any established musician about the first time he or she her got their song played on the radio. This is something everybody remembers.

When you know the day a station will start putting your track on rotation you will set your alarm to not miss a second of the days broadcast. After listening for a few hours they play Snow Patrol then talk a bit more and then they play YOU! And then some talk and then Foo Fighters. Its best described as being weightless. Don’t cheat yourself of that feeling!

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