Stian Summer, a lost case?

Even when he is serious he’s not, Ian says about his alter-ego, wanna-be youngster Stian Summer. “He is a lost case”, says the busy songwriter/producer in between a couple of recording sessions. “Just because he is fictive, he doesn’t know how to behave in public.” he laughs.


His approach to adult pop music anno 2012 seems to be working big time. Since adding the Stian Summer project to BritishPopSongs after a couple of failed attemps to bury him, the songs from him has gone from strength to strength. Ian describes him simply as an adult that refuses to grown up in any dignity, nothing less. With the Stian Summer project Ian has been brave enough to go against all tides and trends in the business. “There is no point having a 17 year old kid miming these songs, because it could never have been him that wrote them. The songs are fast,fun and furious but have also a depth put into them, and that comes from life experience i guess.

“I was by no mean an ackward kid when i grew up, I had the time of my life and felt pretty safe and so. I kind of understand now that all this has added to this belief that i have, that I should just do whatever I want to do, it being belting out 80’s tunes or party until dawn. Do I get told off? oh yes (laughs), but you know what, life is too short, just ask Stian.

You know, Stian puts in a “stubborn attitude” when it comes to protect his case, and that is partly down to having been told off so many times by folks around him. “Wanna-be popstars should not have anyone to tell them off, that is not an requirement for the job in hand. They should be allowed to do whatever they feel like and being left alone doin git, I guess. If they don’t succed for any reason, that will then at least be their own fault”

With this hangin in the air, Ian is out of the door once again, I kind feel happy that I even got the chanche to kind of breathe.

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