Question time with Stian Summer

If you like edgy pop, high octane with catchy choruses then maybe you will like Stian Summer. It’s music for grown ups that doesn’t really wants to grow up, at least not yet.

Hello there, exciting times isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s good at the moment.

Down the years which of these songs do you think will last the distance?

I do think that tracks like Lucy and yet to be released She Told She Loved Me Not will be the songs that i always will have close to heart. They sort of defined the sound of the Stian Summer project.

Did you get rid of any unwanted tracks for the release?

Yeah, sure, I got tons of songs lying around, so it is important to be cool headed in your choice of songs and not just release every single song that you have. That would confuse both myself and fans out there.

Would you qualify your album as perfect grown up pop music?

Don’t know about the ‘perfect’ tag, but ‘grown up pop’ will do fine. The thing is that i’m inspired by lots of music from the 80’s, but as an adult i have leaned to really love both the 60’s and 70’s. I have no real connection to music from the 50’s though.

Do you feel that you are more indie or mainstream?

It’s difficult, I am probably most known for the mainstream bits, but my approach is very much indie. The way that my label is run and operates, how we produce records and go about things.

What are you trying to archive with your music?

Pure joy… In the end I do music for myself, and if you can live off that, then great. I am one of these adults that somehow never grows up, although my approach to music is pretty adult in a way. Naturally it’s a big pleasure to get th music that i’m involved with out to the world and if you get fans along the way that’s simply great.

Do your songs comes easy?

Yeah, they do generally. Having said that, the idea and the framework is pretty instant even, it’s the work that goes into producing it that is a bit more unpredictable. And then you got artwork, videos, PR and all these things on top. Add to that the moment hen a song effectively takes a life of it’s own, where you rehearse or perform the songs in live settings.

What is the musical inspiration of the band and the overall feel?

Inspiration is pretty much Britain. A fantastic place for music and such great traditions. I grew up with this music as so many others. Not that there are no great bands from US and other places, but maybe the proximity of everything in England made it my sound.

What is the most exciting thing about being a recording artist?

Probably that you one minute sit there singing by yourself and the next your songs are out there having a life off their own. That’s pretty fantastic.

Is this the record you wanted to make in the first place?

This is the record I want to make right now. A recording is basically a picture of one way of represnting a song, there are tons of ways in the end.

and last question.. would you say that your looks are becoming a problem now? (laugh…)

Well, I better shape up a bit soon. My mum has been at me for ages.


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