One for the future – Next Stop Art

NextStopArt is by no means the the most visible of bands coming out of London at the moment. Only a handful of rather silly cartoons warns us of a series of rather good British inspired tunes due to hit us this spring. With no gigs to their name yet, not even a proper video there is not much information to obtain for either the media or the public.


Label manager at BritishPopSongs Ian Nilsen says that he does indeed have more than a hand in it himself, but refuses to talk too much about what appears to be much more than just a silly idea. He is the producer among other things on the project and is truly excited about the prospect of where it’s going to go to.

“I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t recall why I came up with the idea of a semi virtual London Art Rock band concept, a virtual band playing and performing arty pop tunes.”

Anticipating bit criticism at some point, he then mentions that: “I’m my own boss now, and find it great that I can actually do what I want to when I want to, you see, I haven’t always had it that way, so I’m here to enjoy the ride. I’m also a musician at heart, so why halt making what I like most in the world… music. “

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