Ian Nilsen vs Stian Summer

Indie popster Stian Summer is rumoured to be releasing most of his back catalogue of Indie pop anthems from the last few years back through out 2017 on a strictly ad-hoc basis.

We will see singles, B-sides, demos, interviews a plenty coming through out the year as well as public appearances but solo and with band. To find out a little more, we catch up with his alter ego, BritishPopSongs label manager Ian Nilsen and simply ask him, why now?

“In many ways I have left Stian Summer to his own devices for a long while, because I have been so busy building up the BritishPopSongs brand and the fine artists we have there, and somehow that has been not good for the Stian Summer project, it has kind of suffered.

Stian Summer  is bound to be an iconic virtual indie pop star that goes on doing only exactly what he wants to do, some extraordinary and unique ultra pop tunes that are both catchy and bittersweet. You kind of got a sense of desperation in the music.

Somehow I personally would love to leave behind a little legacy in the business of music that i personally could be proud of. Probably the single reason why i started the BritishPopSongs brand was that i wanted no more to do other peoples things 100%. I wanted to do music that i loved, dreamed of, was passionate about, all on my own terms. Would i make a good living out of it? Yes i would, but it would take time and that i was willing to risk. Then came a dozen artists in a they took so much of my time, because we wanted it good, and only now do i feel that we have the house in order. There are some great music coming from us in 2014 onwards and it will fire in all directions.

My pet project that is BritishPopSongs is once in a lifetime thing, I will not do it over again, I promise, but it was something that i simply had to do”

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