Ian Nilsen vs Stian Summer? explain…

The Stian Summer who emerges when Ian Nilsen for once gets down to work on his own is a rather surprising figure.
Stian Summer, on one hand a younger version of Ian, a rebel and somebody that embraces and enjoys life to it’s fullest. On the other hand he’s mature man who despite all good intentions still haven’t got over his twenties and refuses to move on accordingly.

Stian Summer is a somehow virtual figure and a fun commentator on todays obsession with radio friendly pop and off the shelf happy go lucky pop with his mix of slight desperation and frustration.

His name is a blend of Scandinavian firstnames and actually Stings surname, Sumner.

In the end Ian is simply prone to writing the kind of songs that you kind of think you know but still not.

In the end it’s not important to try to understand him too well, his audience are fans who remembers ( rather fondly ) the great 80’s and has soft spots for the attitude back then. If Bowie had been Scandinavian and Duran Duran your neighbors.

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