ian Nilsen in 10 lines

I have for a long time worked as a producer and song-writer and has written and produced a large number of songs ranging from acoustic folk through to pop and rock. I have written and co-written together with American, Australian and English writers.

Now, with the birth of UK-style vanity label BritishPopSongs in early spring 2010, I am set to release both solo material and co-written/producer work through the imprint.

“I will always be grateful for those who advised me to do my own thing” says Ian, “because even if – as fantastic as it is to write and produce for others – composing, recording and finally performing your own songs will always be something special. I personally adore the 80’s, but I also love ‘now’. I love song-writing and songs that stick to your brain.”

For some time I have gone pretty quiet about this

“It’s always good to shape the songs without the pressure of talking too much about it.”


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