Ian Nilsen BIO

Ian Nilsen is originally from Scandinavia, but has spent most of his adult life abroad. He started out playing piano in his mid-teens, but eventually ventured into modern pop and rock music in various roles – as producer, songwriter, and artist.

Upon moving to Paris in the early 90’s, he signed his first record deal. Later he moved on to London, where he became involved in the vibrant music scene for over a decade, gaining valuable experience in the workings of the industry as it evolved from old styled record labels to the internet.

For the last couple of years he has effectively run his own label, tirelessly promoting a handful of artists and masterminding a highly visible and popular web presence. He has accumulated more than 25.000 followers around the globe through his promotion of British pop and rock music. He is also the co-author of a book How To Get Played On Radios, which focuses on the importance of the present-day radio market and guidelines for musicians looking to break through.

Ian preaches the embracement of a combination of modern music marketing – with its focus on social media tools – together with traditional marketing avenues, as the means to success in the music industry. He hones his skills by spending a considerable number of hours daily networking and investigating trends first hand.

He is also well sought after as song-writer/producer/arranger, and in this capacity has worked on literally hundreds of songs.

Ian is fluent in French and English, plus has a natural understanding of several other Scandinavian languages.

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