Ian Nilsen – being a label manager on Monday mornings

Outside, the winter is arriving. It’s getting way darker and notably colder everyday. It is Northern Europe so one should expect that. Ian, performer, record producer, song writer and label manager among others, looks out the window and reflects on tasks for today and this coming week. It’s early Monday morning and he’s been up way earlier than you would expect from a party person. He is, of all people, always on stand-by for the next party in town. Favorite mode of transport? Bicycle of all things.

‘Thing has changes’, Ian reflects.

When in London it would be a route to early death to travel around on bike, but elsewhere it’s getting better and better and you actually get some exercise at the same time.

Even when you go down the studio in the morning it’s neat to breath in some fresh air while you are looking at all the people on their way to next thing that they have to do today.’ Big cities are great in that sense, you really feel that things are happening. If I was to live in some place with no life and would go mental’

Ian is a proud owner of a pretty old bike that probably would be better off being put into retirement, but as he says.. ‘You know, they got stolen all the time, and it’s pretty disappointing when you come out from somewhere to find it gone.’

For all his music and past productions, He took a step back some years ago, to start up a radically different record label. It should from now on be all about having fun and producing some good music at the same time. The attitude should be, ‘lets get on with it, we might not have much money to do this, but we know how to do it.’ Among fans you’ll find punters from all across the world, from the Far East to South America. He has somehow settled on some post British vibe, both in the song writing and in how he presents himself to the world. and guess what? He has named his label BritishPopSongs too.

‘Yeah, don’t actually remember where that came from, but i kinda like it, and while it might not be the hottest name if you live in the UK, then it’s very much says it all, and is easy to understand for people accorss the globe.

Another day, another ‘to do’ list lies on the table. ‘Oh my god’, it’s pretty extensive. ‘But I know how to deal with it. I try to get up early on week days so to get things done. I rarely work nights, nights are for fun and talking and drinking a few drinks. End of the week is more one long party i must admit, but it’s nice to let some steam out and ‘get some air, so to speak. I never watch TV really, I always fall asleep right away.

So what is the plans for the winter?

‘Got releases of a good number of singles, have a double CD set of relaxing sound scapes coming out, are writing three 70’s styled Elton John tracks for a fantastic performer that I came across, have a ColdPlay styled album from an upcoming singer/songwriter, a few albums of my own etc. The list is long, it will take a good while to get though it all, but you know what? I’m loving’ it., Yes, really’

You can catch up on latest from BritishPopSongs on Facebook.

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