Getting signed by getting radio airplay

Ok, you got your album or EP ready and are ready to concur the world. The only question is where to start? Should you send your demo to 200 labels and wait for the phone to ring or should you run with the ball yourself? Most musicians used to opt for the first choice and send loads of demos to labels and with a bit of luck somebody would sign them. And with a bit more luck the band would end up getting airplay on radios around the word and use this to play big venues around the world.

Today the choices are a bit different. Most labels no longer have money for talent development. They only take on bands that already have a following. This is why all the X-factor contestants have a much easier time getting signed than any band with a full solid album. If you have tried within the last few years to send demos to label after label and never getting much of a reply back, this is why. You are not all ready a name and hence you will be a bigger risk for them.

If you have no intention of being in X-factor but still want to get signed to a label there is no easy answer to the question“How to get a record deal?” If you really want to get signed to day, you have to prove to the labels that they can reach a large audience with you!

So how does one prove that it’s a good idea to sign you? As we see it there are two effective ways: social medias and radio airtime. If you can get around 100 000 likes/fans on facebook and around 1000 000 views on a music video on youtube or getting a single on rotation on a decent size radio then you are fairly close to having people from the labels calling you.

So what’s the easiest way, social media or radio? Well to be honest with you non of them are a walk in the park. Getting 1000 000 views on youtube can happen very easily and in very short time but it takes a loooot of luck for it to be your video that picks up.

Getting your song on rotation on a decent size radio station requires a large portion of structured work. The good thing about building a radio campaign is that you are more in control of what will happen as long as you work consistent and focused. So if getting signed is what you want, start getting some buzz going.

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