Can I really get radio airplay of my songs myself?

Since we published our book Get Played On Radios we have gotten a lot of questions. One of the questions we get again and again is “is it really possible to do it my self?” or “will radios even take me seriously without a big label behind me?” To answer the question boldly first; YES you can get you songs played on radios without a big label behind you!!!

BUT as with most other things in life you have to know what you are doing. If really you want to know how to get a song played on the radio, you got to learn the game that radio stations. Of course your music have to be very good and fit the music format of the station. But besides that there are a number of things you should have in order before sending you material. This is everything from a good online presence to how to naming your music files and pictures.

There is not a one-line answer to the question “How to get my song on the radio?” it more like a number of things you need to pay attention to. Most of these things like how to name your music files or who to send your material to at different radio stations are fairly simple stuff but you have to learn them. Before you get all these things right there is a good chance nobody will listen to to the tracks you send them.
You will be surprised how many DJs at commercial station get songs send to them even though DJs at commercial stations are not the ones deciding what gets on the playlist. Like vice you will get surprised by the number of bands that does not know how to write a press release and hence never get their tracks considered for airplay.

So to sum this up: learn the game of getting your tracks played in different types of radios. That will bring you a lot closer to getting airtime and kicking of your music career big time. We’ve put together a free introduction to the book and the whole thing of getting played on radios and you can download a copy here:

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