Stian Summer – This Is Berlin – Press Release

Infectious take on David Bowie and Iggy Pop Berlin era indie, This Is Berlin

It’s a catchy single about the spirit of a city that has become a world-renowned symbol of both human unity as well as human individuality.

A city of winners and loosers

Though Berlin these days is most of all a symbol of human unity it is also a living symbol of human individuality. The lyrics of the song reflects the city as a love story for most of it´s people but also a place where it is far from easy to make it by. “It was clear from the start that this song should capture the real Berlin instead of merely being a pretty picture” explains label manager Ian Nilsen who is also the composer of the song.

“It’s been underway for a little while, my song to my fave city. Its actually part of an album due sometime 2015, where 10 different artists connected to Berlin each does their version. This is my original version, a kind of Rocky David Bowie 70’s style, blended with Stian Summer.” – Ian Nilsen October 2018

About the video montage by J. Michael Birn

“How visible is the Berlin Wall today – as matter of the urban structure as well as a symbol of two different models of society? This was the question behind the video.

The Berlin Wall itself is never visible on the images but is represented through the composition of each frame. The very different shots of today’s Berlin have a central vertical line in common wich might appear as a pillar in the backround, as a dividing window frame or a gap in the pavement.

The weight of this line changes with every setting and leaves the interpretation to the viewer’s sight on history, borders, dialectics” – J. Michael Birn




Stian Summer Bio

When all comes to all, runaway artist Stian Summer and BritishPopSongs label manager, CEO, founder, songwriter, producer Ian Nilsen, is basicly the one and the same person.

The list of tasks that Ian undertakes both within the BritishPopSongs framework and BeatHouse International is in the end too long to mention here. yet is “Stian Summer” not some sort of a marketing ploy or something, he is actually an artist/singer albeit virtual, that simply does his own thing. In the end it is his songs that should catch on, not some concept.
The sound is pop/punk, pretty british, bit of Cure, but with many other references put into it.

as Ian puts it himself:

“Stian is the grown up person in me that does not want to grow up yet, and that just want to play pop music and not care about the more grown up issues one have.
Its fun and capricious, however still pretty deep in thoughts.
He’s in his twenties still, probably late 20′s early 30′s, but have experienced much more in life. You can’t run away from things that has happened to you , but you can choose to highlight certain sides of yourself at certain times.
and any men tend to stop growing up from 25 onwards, and that’s for the good and the bad.”

Ian have been at the party circuit for years and have had so much fun and have met so many interesting people, people that he would never have met, had he had been living the sensible life.
“There are so many people out there giving advice on how to have the perfect life and live long…. that it gets a bit confusing and tiring to say at least.
They just tend to forget that when you smile at life, it smiles back at you again”

The main musical inspirations that Ian draw on for “the Stian Summer project” could best be described as David Bowie, Brian Ferry and the Cure , but there could be many, mainly British 70′s and 80′s. The production however mixes the fantastic British recording traditions with the 2014 Swedish production traditions.
Ian continues:

“All the Stian Summer songs are pretty special to me, because they all combined somehow describes Stian Summer very well. They all came pretty quickly and I knew that his collection of songs were the ones i would work around for time to come. They all got the ingredients that good songs need, a real hook, great guitars, the right tempos and attitude.
It’s my very hope that these are songs where you possibly want to push replay as soon as they are over…
and that is in the end what defines great songs. I remember when I was kid and bought records, I always had that with some of my favorite bands . I simply had to listen again and again, my mum simply went crazy”
Live Ian performs the Stian Summer live show either solo on guitar, solo on piano or with live band.

Track: This Is Berlin

Artist: This Is Berlin feat. Stian Summer

Writers: Ian Nilsen

Release Date: Out Now

Label: BritishPopSongs

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