Stian Summer – This Is Berlin- Press Release

ARTIST Stian Summer
TRACK This Is Berlin
LABEL BritishPopSongs
PRODUCER BritishPopSongs
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Ian Nilsen and BritishPopSongs has always been great admirers of famous artists, photographers, actors, writers, that always are wonderful generous in sharing their talents. Now coming in to 2017 a host of Berlin celebrities and artists are endorsing this unique musical universe of Ian’s and as we speak we are told to expect a host of collaborations this year

One of the very first is a love song to the city of Berlin from a very secret Berlin artist due out this spring.

“I have known him for less than a year, but this cool cat is so much fun and reminds me in so many ways of myself” Ian laughs out loud ” and then it is incredible fun to record with him”.

and with Stian Summer, my somehow alter-ego, the little annoying youngster in me that refuses to grow up, I have found a perfect playground to bring together all things from my personal musical landscape so to  release a host of 80’s inspired Brit tunes, without having to answer any questions.

It is rumoured also that Stian Summer is adopting aspiring twenty somethings out there to play along.



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