Stian Summer – She Told Me She Loved Me Not – Press Release

ARTIST Stian Summer
TRACK She Told She Loved Me Not
LABEL BritishPopSongs
PRODUCER BritishPopSongs
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Few things lasts as long as great musical memories. Things like “that” very first record you bought when kid will always get played on you iPod or stereo once in a while.

Story repeats itself when you as a musician and producer gets inspired by the sounds from way back.
There is something about the 80’s British Sound. For sure, the production does not seem to have aged well, but the songwriting and the very nerve in the songs are often way better than anything that comes out these days. Queen, U2 etc all had their heyday in the 80’s and are still among the best today.


Tellingly, Ian Nilsen from BritishPopSongs will agree on this. The 80’s was all made for a special atmosphere and if you combine that with great britpop moments you cant go much wrong. and London label BritishPopSongs is very much that..

By getting inspired by the best of 70’s to 90’s British Pop Music… coupled with some more than decent tunes, produced with some flair and imagination… and finally getting singers and lyric writers in that got something at heart (or just get on doing it yourselves under a bunch of synonyms)… you sum it up and you have the essential BritishPopSongs.

and with well over 50 singles lined up for future releases we haven’t heard the last from this bunch yet, far from it.

She Told She Loved Me Not is out now on all good digital outlets.



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