A Modern Man

“A grand anthem to throwing yourself into that scary chaotic phenomenon called life. A song about having most things in life such as a good wife, nice house and even friendly neighbours. The only problem is the growing urge to move further in life and find out what else is out there in the world and what what is still left for you to be”

The sound of A Modern Man is in many ways inspired by the great British music tradition, the Smiths, Keane, Coldplay and Hurts, with a sound of big harmonies and catchy melody lines. All combined with a melancholic and bitter-sweet vocal.

What makes it both new and rather special is how the bold sound is combined with a nerve from a melancholic and bitter-sweet vocal that draws you inn on another level. He has captured both old and new audiences with these both intimate and powerful songs.


Story by Wall

WALL got a voice to die for and sings with such depth that lot of fine references springs to mind from the history of modern music. Now he could somehow have sunk beneath such great company, but with the pending release of this debut EP through BritishPopSongs, he does proove to be a worthy successor in his own right.

Stian Summer

Is It Punk? Is It Pop? “the Stian Summer Project” is an exiting name on the scene of British influenced newcomers with an unique take on Post BritPop made in 2014 fittingly labeled New BritPop.

Among the many inspirations you’ll find Bowie, the Cure and Sex Pistols and with his recordings he has found a place both as a modern punster and as a provider of big sounding songs that draws big followings with his combination of indie pop and a more mainstream sound.

Next Stop Art

NextStopArt is by no means the the most visible of bands coming out of London at the moment. Only a handful of rather silly cartoons warns us of a series of rather good British inspired tunes due to hit us this spring. With no gigs to their name yet, not even a proper video there is not much information to obtain for either the media or the public.

Mathildes Destiny

How else best to describe Mathildes Destiny? Well, it’s layers of instrumentation and catchy, somewhat cheeky song-writing. A child-within exploration of music, sprinkled with Cat Stevens, Tom Waits, Wagner, french Impressionism, and more.

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