The Indie scene in California

Nicola from Beverly Hills, California, USA comes originally from England but now lives in the America. Here she answers a few questions about how she discovered M.A.G.N.U.S. and gives a few clues to how the indie music scene is in California. Read this interview and many other articles in the first issue of BritishPopSongs magazine out January 2011.

Where are you from, what do you do and where do you currently live?

I am originally from Sth East Leicestershire in the Midlands UK. I currently live in Beverly Hills CA USA. I am an artist and am also currently working with my English business partner on an organic project that we are launching in the US. Do you play/sing yourselves? I’ve played guitar since I was 18 but would consider myself rusty now! I love to sing.

What your favorite music style in general, and band and even song if you got an absolut all time favorite?

My favourite music style is 90’s indie music, my fave being The Verve..”the drugs don’t work” was one of those songs that made you stop in your tracks. I also love ‘Do you remember the first time” by Pulp.

How did you first hear Magnus’s music?

I received a friendship request from a Britpop promoter on facebook and I listened to Magnus’s music and liked it alot.

What is the kind of vibe you get from his songs? Does it remind you of something?

The kind of vibe i get from his songs are cool, floaty thoughtful lyrics. Very European vibe. He is very reminiscent of Elbow and The Doves. I love his image too…kind of Oliver Reed as Bill Sykes in Oliver Twist..Victorian dandy meets European hipster. He just needs a stovepipe hat to complete the look!! ?

Do you think there would be a market for him in the States?

There is definately a market for him in the States, there is always room for European Indie music.

What kind of people do you think do like his stuff?

The young Indie hipster crowd here would love his music as would the older indie crowd (like myself) LA has plenty of Indie hipsters!!!

How is the scene over there at the moment? some good new things coming out?

We had an amazing radio station over here called Indie 103.1. That is where I would hear all the latest indie music…then a yr ago it suddenly went off the airwaves. You can still hear them streaming live on the internet but not the same as on the radio. I used to cycle and listen to them ;-( I don’t really hear anything new and hip now, unfortunately it drives me crazy not being in ‘the know’ about the latest music. A couple of great bands to emerge from Silverlake (a cool indie artsy place in Los Angeles) are The Silversun pickups and more recently Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

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