Singles Club – Stian Summer – Lucy (Remix)

About the Stian Summer project….

It’s pop/punk for grown ups that doesn’t really wants to grow up, a kind of a youth culture of the grown ups.
It’s glamour although deep in thoughts, yet still capricious and fun.

the Stian Summer project is very much a solo project of Ian Nilsen, label manager at BritishpopSongs UK, a label he started in 2010 and that specialises in the great tradition of British music and songwriting all way through the 70’s, 80’s until today coupled with Swedish production traditions.

Stian Summer is as least partly virtual, unlike Ian, he’s in his 20’s still, but have experienced much more in life. Ian likes to say that he stopped growing any older turning 25.

“Stian Summer is an artist that simply does his own things, in the end it’s all about songs in the end” Ian Nilsen – February 2016

A range of great performers will be covering Stian Summer tracks and in many ways they are becoming him in their own kind of way.

The 1st of February 2016 started a year long campaign, a free every forthnight download of a Stian Summer recording. Simply subscribe to the the blog here if you wish to receive an automatic download every second weekend.

Download BritishPopSongs Singles Club #1

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