Question Time With a Modern Man

Later this year A Modern Man releases his debut The Man Who Learned To Live, a collection of adult edgy pop songs with pretty deep lyrics. A Modern Man bursted onto the music scene a bit by accident with the release of ‘loopy’ I’m Looping early last year. Today with tracks like the hugely infectious Liberty and 1-2-3 Running Free AMM is about to take on the world with a very personal take on pop stardom.

a-modern-man-Hello, and congratulations with such a fine EP. You have had such positive feedback since your release of I’m Looping in 2010…

Down the years which of these songs do you think will last the distance?

Well if all goes as I plan and hope it will be Teach Me Darling that gets its own life that will carry it on to many different places. Another bet would be on Wisdom Up For Grabs. But somehow I would expect Wisdom to live a shorter but more intense life. It could be a song that keeps popping up in new cover-versions – that could be great fun.

Did you get rid of any unwanted tracks for the release?

Not really, as soon as I had completed half a song and was humming it to my impatient producer he would start to work on it. I have a feeling that he thinks I should speed up my writing, hahaha.

Would you qualify your album as perfect grown up pop music?

Yes of course, it’s THE perfect grown up pop album. No seriously, do I have to answer that question???

Do you feel that you are more indie or mainstream?

Hmm that’s a good question. I make no attempt to be more Indie than mainstream though most of my surroundings seem to worship indie to the degree that a well-tuned guitar could easily disqualify to a track. I hope my music will be music for the masses rather than a signature for sub cultural identity. To me it’s a fascinating thought to make songs that transcend subcultures and individuality.

What are you trying to archive with your music?

To change the world, of-course!! No seriously, these first songs are pretty much a soundtrack to a personal development I have chosen to undergo the last two years. To me these songs contains energies that are about truly taking on your life and starting to play to win rather than playing to avoid loosing. Not sure that really answered the question.

Do your songs comes easy?

The main melody lines in the refrain and the chorus just pops up in my head one moment. Getting the rest of the song with lyrics and all out of my head is a hell of a job. Still hoping to refine the process so it remains fun and playful through out the process. We’ll have to see if that ever happens, hahaha.

What is the musical inspiration of the band and the overall feel?

Hmmm like a lot of other bands we have kept a great love to Bowie despite he’s changing styles and format. But even though it might not be very present in the songs and the production such bands as The Doors and Joy Division are great influences too. In my opinion they have a very special energy to them that makes me feel vulnerable and powerful at the same time. This is pretty close to one of my convictions of how to meet life.

What is the most exciting thing about being a recording artist?

Besides having a time and a place where everything is centered around myself, you mean? Seriously though, working with other people, mostly my producer, and creating something that is very much embedded with who I am and how I see life but at the same time is also a product of other people’s way perceiving the world. Its like getting a chance of seeing a version of you that you might as well could have been.

Is this the record you wanted to make in the first place?

As you know I never had any plans of making music but something inside me got impatient and starting shortcutting my consciousness and started composing these little melody-lines and kept feeding them to my mind till I would do something with them. Still not sure what it is inside me that writes these songs but I do feel that the fundamental nerves in the melody-lines are both preserved and given a life in the recording. So YES I’m contend (for once).

and last question.. would you say that your looks are becoming a problem now? (laugh…)

hahaha well I was actually hoping that with these tracks out my look would become less of a problem now.

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