Peet Morrison – Being a poet at heart

Being a poet at heart.

The role of a true lyricist within a band is often underestimated. Often band members are giving up on the matter, but not Mathilde’s Destiny. Pete Morris is writing his heart out and thanks to him for that.

Parts of the scorings/musical arrangements in Mathilde’s Destiny is so perfectly put together that even vocalist Ian is in awe. How good it must feels to for once to be allowed to just sing and play some piano, guitar and bas, but completely leave the orchestrations to somebody with such a knack for it as Mathildes Destiny sidekick Pete Morris.
You need to have a long term plan when working with him. You can’t think of it as just being a fluke, a record is around for a long time and fashion come and goes. The fantastic thing about lot of classic recordings is that the soundscape is not to be nailed down to some trend that happened at that moment.
For somebody like Pete it has to be lasting.
Sometimes he would spend more time than he had to, and yes changing things around a few too many times, but somehow when he then proclaims “this is it”, well you have to applaud what you hear. It’s probably a result of countless hours under the gaze of famous conductors worldwide that have installed this obsession with details in him.

How this debut from MD will sound in 15 years no one can know, but it is sure that now is the moment for the boys to catch in on this amazing journey they are on.

Are they wannabe rock stars at heart?
Well, Ian at least is embracing the lifestyle, and he sways around bars in his hometown.

and Pete then?. nop, always have a few notes to change here and there.

7th single by Mathildes Destiny – Song Of Seduction is out now.

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