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… to start you own radio station is a pretty ambitious thing to do and on top of that…  one that only breaks new bands band playing some cool new songs….  But that was what the people at NewBritPop decided to do, such was the buzz around their FB fan site. You can see why it was such a good idea now , that listerners comes from all over the world to discover these cool tunes.

NBP Radio is a great place to listen to new songs of love and loss. The only problem is how to move on to the next thing on the web and stay tuned at the same time.

It is truly a victorious feat and speak volumes of the true desire to actually getting on with things. Between the songs you get comments and trivia  about the artists, but in the end the songs stands by themselves as they should do.

So if by any means these songs one day stand up to the classics NBP Radio can rightly claim that it was part of the buzz generating lot back in 2010 and onwards.

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