Official Debut from Stian Summer out soon

For those familiar with Scandinavian popster Stian Summer, then this his first commercially available album through the BritishPopSongs imprint is probably sounding bolder, braver and bit than anything he has ever done before. It’s a brave move and in the end it’s a real serious attempt at an album of essentially frustrating radio friendly love songs.

The credits on this the Stian Summer’s official debut say much about what is essential a solo project. Written, produced ,perfomed by Ian Nilsen, himself founder of online label BritishPopSongs – there are few persons that would even attempt to take on this much, and fewer who would actually go all the way without having involved anyone else in the process.

In the end it’s actually a very coherent package indeed, curiously nothing really sticks out like a sore thumb. Dos he bother about being a second generation 70’s or 80’s retro kind of thing? no not really, looks like he’s just on to his own thing. If this is going to be the one and only album he is going to make, he for sure draws up a final frontier.

The title track She Told She Loved Me Not  is ecstatic retro pop and eventually one of the better song written by him, with Ian singing. “It’s getting late, let’s love not hate”, If this album really catches on a bigger scale, it will be interesting to se what’s going to follow this.

In the ’80’s, Ian was a very young man and the music of the day was vibrant and very innovative, he once met Phil Lynnot in a small bar in Copenhagen and Phil addressed and congratulated him on his Top Of The Pops performance a few weeks earlier. Little did the legendary Thin Lizzy frontman know that Ian would have no idea what he was on about, but now decades on, Ian will still ponder what would make him say such a thing.

Like those who have worked with Ian, either as fellow musician, producer, songwriter, label manager or simply music business man about town, will always mention what a workhorse he is, and how he simply don’t take no for an answer. There is something smart and clever about the way he operates, but there is also a lot of misunderstanding regarding all the different roles he undertakes, but as he sais: “It’s way easier to get myself talked into doing things, and yep, I’m way cheaper”.
Now is the time to introduce Stian Summer to the world and successful or not, it looks certain that he will have a real go at it.

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