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There are big moments of splendeur coming from “A Modern Man”, however for everyone that knows him, no surprises there. He is without a doubt somebody that we are going to hear much more from during 2017, as he introduces his own take of British inspired adult indie pop to the world. It’s FM primed, a sort of match made between pop establishment and indie heaven. I meet up with him on a warm spring night and most of all wants to ask him, if as someone that sees himself as a full time bohemain feels about becoming a surprise superstar.

A Modern Man

You draw inspirations from British Music, who are your real influences there?

Hmm I really have no clue where my inspiration comes from to be honest. However, the music that I tend to always return to listen to again and again all have an emphasis on the song writing rather than the production or sound.

But if I have to mention some artists it would have to be acts like David Bowie, the Verve and a lot of the bands from the Britpop era and of the more recent bands I would say the Vaccines and to some extent Elbow.

What is the single most important theme in your songs?

A good hook for a chorus! I always start with a hook I believe is as strong as possible. I don’t allow myself to write the rest of the song until I know that the core figure in the chorus is as strong as possible.

The funny thing is this is most often only a 4 too 6 seconds figure. But if you get that right you can step by step unfold the rest of the song starting with the full chorus and the verses. Guess you can say I’m pretty obsessed with choruses. We use to jokingly put it that the most important job for a verse is to create an emotional demand for the chorus.

Are you more a recording artist or a live artist?

At the time being I will have to answer that I’m more of a recording artist. Its two rather different disciplines in my opinion. Being able to completely dive into the recording universe is to me an extremely important thing in terms of defining my own sound.

You are very much a bohemian living in the Berlin at the moment, how does affect your music not to be in the UK?

Well the Berlin music scene is very different from the UK sound I identify with. Berlin is like a catalogue of electronic music where every sub style has its followers. If this will influence my own song writing are too early to say. But for sure staying in this city makes me listen to much more from the electronic underground than I would other vice do.

Your songs are kind of bittersweet, but also with a lot of hope and joy, is that the right way to put it?

Oh don’t get me started on this topic. I do hope that people feel an general underlying appeal to take responsible for their life. My biggest wish is that my songs make people feel powerful and daring when it comes to living.

I’ve personally always hade a melancholy side that I on the one hand cherish but on the other often found limiting me from living the life I want. The album is going to be called Transformations you know and many of the songs are inspired by personal transformations I have done during the last years.

Your label is doing everything rather different than any other player in the business, does that bother you or is it fun to be part of?

In the beginning it was a bit confusing how things where done at BritishPopSongs but now its just great being part of a label not afraid of doing things their own way. I mean, this industry is changing so rapidly and a lot of the old players don’t adapt fast enough as I see it. Of course there are times where you simply have no clue if is a crazy or absolutely brilliant plan they are about to roll out hahaha.

No to be honest I am very grateful to be working with somebody that is both as crazy and talented as Ian and the rest of the BritishPopSong team.

Debut single Liberty is out shortly through BritishPopSongs UK.

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