Ian Nilsen: I Wouldn’t Do It Any Other Way!

the Stian Summer project aka Ian Nilsen has revelaed that he wouldn’t do his pet project any other way – despite being runing hip indie pop label BritishPopSongs at the same time.


The man about town told a German journalist that he simply could not bin a project that has such an amount of fun built into it’s very core. “Not in a million years I could drop this on the floor.”

He went on to say that now that his beloved label is taking off big time, he feels that he is in it for life.

“You know, I feel i have worked my butt off for this, so even if I end up being accused of being here, there and everywhere, I’ll probably just say, yeah`and?”.

Not being exactly a tyran, he is certainly someone who talks your socks off! he said once that allthough, writing and producing was his main call, it could simply not be his sole focus from now on. “i started this to have massive amounts of fun really. It’s been tough at times, when you are running against the wind, and are a bit early on all those new ideas, but in the end, no regrets. I get to talk to some people who thought I was some prankster and a fake, so it’s funny now to see how they react on the success we are enjoying at the moment”

But Ian has also being re-evaluating himself in terms of where who should put himself in all this. It’s cool enough being Mr. everything, but you’ll need to focus on  many aspects. “When I was first starting in music, I was young and naive, and yes, did tons of mistakes, but you know what? You evntually learn from your mistakes, and then you have no fear. So I guess I overdo everything these days. I’m just too much.” (laughs)

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