“I Believe We Need Good StoryTellers As Much As We Need Good Singers” Story By Wall

Exciting new singer/songwriter W@LL, a half American/half Scandinavian thirty something popster, gives his view on where his inspiration comes from. His new single One More Time is a well written piece of bittersweat adult indie pop, that rapidly is spreading through cyberspace. But where comes the real inspiration from?


“My father was a jazz musician, so I kind of grew up listening to Jazz. Later on I knew that I absolutely were more into rock and roll. Don’t know exactly what it is with rock and roll but it’s like it taps into some basic and primal feelings that comes to life and that for me is liberating. I’m also kind of a pop dude, but don’t go tell everybody:)

As for inspiration? There’s so many gifted singers, some alive, some not anymore. I sometimes divide singers into my own two categories. The ones who technically is extremely gifted and the other ones who is telling a story, worth listening to. The fun part is when they both go together. A lot about music for me is about soul. We’re not talking genre here, where talking about singers with heart. From the authenticity of Johnny Cash, the working man of Springsteen to the howling Bono, the gentleman of Bowie,the underplayed Lou Reed, the voices that came from punk rock and all that’s in between.

I often wish that I could pull of what Beyonce and Rihanna can do with their voices but in the end it’s not all about technique, for me it’s about storytelling. We need great storytellers. Music can do that for me. It can be a soundtrack to different periods in my life, where I can pause, play it and sometimes rewind.”

W@LL February 2013


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