How To Become a True PopStar

Wouldn’t it be great, a manual about how to become a true popstar?

Stian Summer

If all you really really wants, Ian from BritishPopSongs UK says, is to become a true popstar, then there is only one way about it. WORK WORK WORK.


Because no one is going to do it for you. So be productive, disciplined and ambitious all at the same time. If you can throw some honesty in as well, not at least towards yourself, then this could be a winning formular.

A cross between someone well down to earth and a dreamer of all good in life, he is himself the story of how good life is.

“You know, enjoy life, cause life is great”

he claims that “with a positive outlook you are already halfway there, happier, richer, more popular and off to greater things in life” All that with a little homework and you are home safe.

As for the likes of big popstars: “Real popstars are also human beings and they have also started somewhere, just about at the same place as you might at be now… with a bunch of ambitions about you wanting to get your art out in the world. You want to advocate what is obsessing your mind constantly, it being a song, a lyric or some banging on a drumkit.

Just be aware that nobody actually wants you yet, but they will want you, when you have made it. And see, there lies the bigger problem. The world only wants you, when the world got you already. make sense?

But hey don’t give up, write some songs, and work hard, and don’t forget to let the world know. Without letting people know nobody will ever discover you.

Ian is label owner of BritishPopSongs

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