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Here’s the original press release from the very beginning.

BritishPopSongs ( )  has now been reality for the past four months or so, although for many the official start date has been put down as 1’st of October 2010 with the double release of Getting Harder by M.A.G.N.U.S. and LUCY by the Stian Summer project.

Ian Nilsen

Launched by Ian Nilsen, a man that wanted to deal a bit with reality in the sense of getting all this music out to people in a an easy and uncomplicated way instead of just producing tons of new material on end. You can say he wanted to be visible again and this time very much so. What better way to to archive this then, than starting a new trend with an online vanity label showcasing only the sound that was coming from his hand. Pretty ambitious or just plain stupid!! There would be no external signings coming with their own songs, own look and so, only fellow vocalists, that wanted to take part in that special BritishPopSongs sound that he dictated, to times a bit  heavy handed.

If there is one little gift this man who refuses to grow up possess, then it is his little entirely personal vision for music and even for the whole music business as a whole. He was not even half-serious when he once proclaimed that he wanted to do his music top down , his way, no it was something that just had to happen at one point. The credit crunch meant that no advance payments or loans/overdraft would be available, and in a time where all thought of the music industry being dead and burried the outlook was bleak. What do you do then?  one thing really, sit down and get on with it. As we speak he is in the thick of the mud but with a song that sure got what it takes to take on the world, Teach Me Darling, by M.A.G.N.U.S. It is simply a fantastic song.

It feels like BritishPopSongs as a label creates a somehow deep and longlasting bond between the label and the fans of the music, even if its shut off for all other songs and sounds than it’s own. It’s a bit like if you are in the mood for the BPS ‘sound’ today, well, then get it from there, if not , we just meet another day. It’s not tragic at all, It’s just music you see, catchy songs, that embraces a British Sound, inspired by early Bowie, over Roxy Music up until til mid 90’s cool Britian.

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