Get Played On Radios – A innovative book about how to DIY yourself onto the airwaves

From the highly innovative people behind online digital record label BritishPopSongs comes the book that part-time musicians, semi-pros and professional musicians have been longing for, a 140 page long guide into how you get your song on the holy grail of music promotion, the radio.

It is well known that writing/producing/performing and recording a hit song is only the first step on the path to stardom. Your song is only going to be a hit if people know about it, if many people know about it. With the rapid demise of old time record compaines the musical landscape has forever changed, but the art of promotion is still very much dependent of the radio stations and will be for long time to come. With the progress of the internet and social media it has become pretty easy to get your music out to people, but the vast majority does only see a very modest return on the hours upon hours spend promoting via YouTube/FaceBook/Twitter or one of the countless others social media platforms available.


Get Played On Radios traces the radios importance in the history of modern music and gives a wealth of ideas and hands on examples on how to get your music out and about, either if you are a part-timer, semi-pro or a serious popstar wannabe in the making. It will take dedication and precious time to get there, but it will also be great fun to finally hear yourself coming out of the radio.


Ian Nilsen is the person behind BritishPopSongs, a fast flying online record label that in the space of the last 18 months have pushed countless of barriers in the quest of obtaining a ever growing international fanbase with it’s mix of quality British Pop and Rock music, well thought out image and an attention to all areas that a modern record label should adress in todays musical landscape.

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