Come On Guys, It’s not bad to stick out!

As we are about to learn is that, Ian Nilsen, label boss at BritishPopSongs, is probably just as concerned about staying on course in his quest to do what “he really really wants” on his time on the planet as writing yet more catchy songs with his bunch of much loved artists.

Not long ago, in a recent interview Stian Summer aka britishPopSongs label owner Ian Nilsen painted a somehow gloomy picture of the future of his bellowed Modern Music.

Ian takes the world of modern pop music very seriously indeed, even if he often tones down the importance of his own work. But in perspective this is more than just a fluke, he is dead honest about where he sees himself right now and in the future.

Guess that most people do what other people tell them to do. People listens to the same songs by the same artists because they have seen a billboard with them somewhere or on TV. They don’t really think that this is a dead expensive excercise for the record company ( and in the end for the artist ), who as we know, is the one who pays in the end for these things. It is such a shame that so few good artists has come through the mainstream channels over the last 10 years, the record companies has played it so safe, that the quality simply is below par. But in the end, this has allowed a host of smaller and pretty unknown artists to push through, although in smaller scales, so all is not bad.

A rather successful venture into setting up his own label, based on his own sound, was met by nothing but sceptism from everyone around him. “You can’t do that” was the most common reply when he with enthusiam talked his project up to friends, family and industry figures, “The music industry is stone dead”.
But Ian knew about the actual figures, knew that it was not longer the record companies the took home the big takings, but with an industry that employs so many there were ample space in his opinion.

“You have to do your own thing, without taking much advice from the so called people that knows better. Combine that we the ability to write and produce you own records and you are set up. You see, most people in the industry cant write a tune to their life. There have been so many hangers-on all way from the 80′s onwards that the artists and real talents somehow all was forgotten in it all”

“That’s why I decided to create the Stian Summer project. He was mid-twenty something that did not care what people said, he just wanted to have fun. Tons of it, and that all the time”,

Speaking of this fictive alter ego Ian lights up as he goes on.

“You know, He is someone that keep having a good time in what could very well have become such a boring life, if I had followed what people around said i should do. I get all sad when i think about how pushy people can be in their quest to make me to be like them and live the same kind of life. Put me out of the cities that I love, and look at trees! Oh No!” he laughs.

Songwriting is a calling for Ian, but pretty much everything else he takes very lightly. He’ll joke his way through most things and he wakes up in the morning with a great desire to do more and more.

“I simply enjoy life so much, that I won’t allow anyone, to interfere. I have been surrounded by so many, that I found out was just using me to get me to do their things, if you understand. Being pretty naive in this respect, I have this tendency to go along with this, but one day I woke up and litteraly I said, enough is enough”

So what he describes as many years probably just pleasing others, these days is more, I do what I do, come join if you wish, but if you want to tell me what to do, then, sorry no way!

“I’d risk to become grey and tired if I had not adopted this attitude. I come from a place where people constantly are told not to stick out, be humble, stick to your call, live a life as the rest of us and so on. The result is that most things that comes out of there is well below average”

That is not going to happen to the Stian Summer project anytime soon, although he is pretty tight-lipped on the subject,
“I’m tired talking to people about the importance in what I do, so I guess I just do it here and then. I don’t take the discussions with anyone, I just do my thing, and I’m not about to stop that anytime soon”

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