BritishPopSongs takes on the greatest of British music traditions

There is somehow music for everyone:

there’s beautiful melodic music, hot R&B for the dancefloor,

kick-ass rock for boys, chilled-out beats for the long summer nights and then there is the ‘British Sound’.



and at BritishPopSongs, a happening  digital record label, they are having a no way ordinary take on the greatest of musical traditions with a rather  surprising makeover.

“I know, it’s pretty typical of me to do things like these, but you know, I guess I’ll always do things upside down” it comes from Ian Nilsen, label manager at BritishPopSongs, before bursting out in laughter.

He is in some unintentional way quite funny, because who would dare to call a label BritishPopSongs and tinkle with the 50 years of traditions from maybe the greatest traditions or Rock’n Roll.

It’s just so typical of him, but he is canny enough to know that he will get stick from the Brits.

You know a country like Sweden has shown so many times that music can come from outside UK and US and still sound like the thing. I’ve spend a great deal of my life in London, and although I’m now more or less in and out of the country all the time, I have deep affections for the music scene there. But it was maybe the best thing that I could do, stepping back from the scene and then get on with defining my sound out of the loop there. You see, as great a city as London is, it’s also very draining, it’s huge and everybody is running in all directions. I feel my work rate has upped by 1000% now.

The greatest gift I have is that i don’t really care what people are saying, good or bad. If I should listen to all, then I could simply forget it. And what’s more, I would be in such a mess that I would not know in what direction to head with the sounds I’m doing. Being someone who does things his own way is by no way easy at all, it’s often an uphill struggle, but man…. it’s rewarding and such fun.

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