Being In A Band Is Great, But So It Is To Go It Alone! Story By Wall

We team up with singer/songerwriter W@LL on a rather freezing day in his native Scandinavia. Son of an American Jazz musician he had music around him as a youngster, but eventually he has himself chosen a little different path with his music. After having spend time with various bands he now ventures out alone with a rather infectious new single One More Time.

He loved being in a band with the whole feeling of unity and friendship that comes with it he explains, the whole thing of exchanging musical ideas and opinions, working on songs together is a special thing.

However as he goes on..

“Sometimes though it’s also hard work in therms of getting ideas through. This time around, with this single, it’s given me a sense of freedom and a new approach that’s kind of liberating and fresh at the same time. After being in a band for a long time, this is something, I’m proud of doing almost on my own”

So what about your songwriting process?

“The songwriting process is almost always present in my mind, on a conscious but also in a subconscious level. Sometimes it starts out with a melody line, me and a guitar. The lyric can in some cases be the main starting point but in most cases, the melody comes first and then I try to capture what kind of mood and tone the melody brings me. The key point is to tell a story in three minutes that has heart and at the same time is wrapped in a melodic setting that moves you”

W@LL is very much a live performer, so it comes as no surprise really that he have pretty clear views about the current music trends and the two minuttes of fame thing.

“There’s still very much interesting music happening out there but at the same time, there’s a sense of something new is emerging. I got a feeling that tells me the music scene is changing. People don’t buy albums like the used to, they buy singles. In a way it’s back to basics.

A lot of good music out there, rap and hip hop, pop, R’n’b and rock and roll but also a lot of crap in terms of talent shows and people who are in a business of telling people what to like and what not to”

Which really brings us to the final big question. What is your favorite period in the history of modern music then?

“I don’t have a favorite music period as such, cause I believe in songs. And songs that can stand the test of time is what counts in the end”

So far so good, We like that!

One More Time from W@LL is out march 2013, but if you are fast there is a free download of the pre-release version of the song here..

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