All I Do… Is Staying Positive…

How on earth will the folks at BritishPopSongs keep up with such a busy schedule in 2017.
According to “the Stian Summer Project” it’s down to a few things really.

Have all the fun in the world, get good sleep and make sure you avoid exercise.

A somehow bold statement, but as he says…

I have been at the party circuit for years and have had so much fun and have met so many interesting people, people that I would never have met, had I had been living the sensible life.

There are so many people out there giving advice on how to have the perfect life and live long….  that it gets a bit confusing and tiring to say at least.

They just tend to forget that when you smile at life, it smiles back at you again.

Same thing with making music. Always stay positive regarding your music, always look at the bright side, because being an artist in general is a bumpy ride along a lifelong road, and in the end it’s up to you, and only you to get on with it.

Stian Summer  is releasing a cool single, She Told She Loved Me Not.

“This song is pretty special to me, because it somehow defined the Stian Summer sound very much. It came pretty quickly and I knew this was the song i would work around. It got all the ingredients that a good songs need, a real hook, great guitars, the right tempo and attitude. It’s one of these songs where you want to push replay as soon as it’s over…
and that is what defines a great song. I remember when I was kid and bought records, I always had that with some of my favorite bands . I simply had to listen again and again, my mum simply went crazy”

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