About BritishPopSongs in 20 lines

BritishPopSongs is an online label started summer 2010 by Ian Nilsen, a longtime London resident and a songwriter/producer/artist himself.

It embraces the British sound from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s, ranging from early David Bowie, Roxy Music to BritPop area bands like Blur and Oasis.
The release schedule is hectic, singles are released twice monthly with a Best Of compilations every 6 month. The label is aimed at everyone, also older fans of this music that somehow doesn’t really get all the new young bands, but that also feel interesting in new songs too, not just compilations and re-issues.

It was the idea of promoting good songs on much simplified manners using the internet initially and a hub website, that started it all, instead of old ways of pressing records and having several months of lead times for every release. With the internet today you reach fans with minutes, and if your sound and songs are good enough and you know how to get the word out, there is not much stopping you. The internet has also made the whole process very dynamic. If something doesn’t work out, you’d simply change it again. A release does not get some good reception, it goes down again. The artists make a home video and it’s online same afternoon, etc. With artwork the story is the same, it’s much faster to create artwork for online use, than for print.

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