A Throwback to 90’s London

The sun is shining from a very blue sky, one can feel that spring finally is with us. Its monday morning, end of March and i have a coffee with Ian Nilsen, boss at BritishPopSongs UK. It’s not often you see him in public on mornings, maybe only mondays will do.

Back in the 90’s Britain was full of optimism and hope. BritPop was huge and the musical scene kind of exploded. Today times are much harder and jobs are scarce and difficult to find.

Ian wanted to have people doing all the record bus

iness work for him, recording, producing, pr, managing etc etc. What he didn’t realise was that all this costs a ton of money, money that he would not get himself in the end. ‘At school the dream was getting a record deal, getting famous and having fun, lot of it. That kind of followed through the years, until i started to realise that eventually it had to come from myself all this. It’s excellent to have people working with you, no doubt, but only if you have some kind of control, you are avoiding defeat at some point in a very competitive industry’. So at day he worked his socks off, fine-tuning what would become his masterplan and at night he networked his way through the web of contacts. ‘People are by far the most important thing to take into account. There will be nothing without people, and so many got so much talent out there.’

However its also difficult only to make contacts in the nightlife, often things are forgotten when the cocktails are replaced by aspirins the morning after, so Ian has always stuck with an incredible work ethic during daytime.

Now we have 2012 and nothing has really changed. He still feel lucky and even with some talent and a lot of determination he knows that being in the right place at the right time is so ever important. It seems that the right place is somewhere else right now, he has just left the room in a hurry. We didin’t even get any time to talk about his latest release, the ArtRockers, Next Stop Art. Well have to be another time then.

BritishPopSongs releases singles every two weeks.

For more info follow them on facebook.com/britishpopsongs.co.uk

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