A Modern Man – The Man Who Learned To Live – Live Show

“It’s just a man and the gimp on electric guitar and it’s simply hit after hit, stadium hits” – Alex, Marquee Club, Berlin July 2014.

The Scandinavian, sometime Berlin resident, A Modern Man has put together his most intimate show to date, The Man Who Learned To Live.

You will be entertained and you will be left wondering for days. The A Modern Man show is not quite like anything else. It’s an intelligent mixture of music, talk and a lot of humor. The show evolves around the album ‘The Man Who Learned to Live’ and is the story of A Modern Mans finding way through life. The show is performed by A Modern Man and his label manager Ian who for the night will leave any managerial duties behind to indulge himself in the love of music with the fullest Rock’n’Roll attitude.

No two shows are quite the same as ‘keeping it real’ is the mantra of the show. As A Modern Man explains “the show is different every time. We pick up the vibes from the audience and we bring our life to the show. If I’m in love you will recognize that in the show or if I am a little annoyed with life you will see that too. Its really rather simple – sing about what truly matters to you and the music will stay alive with you”.


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