A Modern Man – Can’t Imagine – Press Release

ARTIST A Modern Man
TRACK Can’t Imagine
LABEL BritishPopSongs
PRODUCER BritishPopSongs



Professional boheme A Modern Man is soon releasing his debut single, the beautiful mid-tempo love song, Can’t Imagine. A front runner for his forth-coming EP TRANSFORMATIONS out early summer, it’s a song that holds plenty of emotions, an intro you’ll be humming for weeks and a chorus that if nothing embraces you into the wonderful bittersweet universe that is A Modern Man.Essentially he touches all ages with his universe of mainstream indie pop that sits so well on radio and at the same time makes you stop and listen a voice to die for and lyrics that touch down deep.

Can’t Imagine is the first of a series of singles all due for release on the German market throughout of 2013 and 2014 and A Modern Man will play some promotional showcases as a support to the release, while a larger double act tour is being planned for late 2018 together with his label.

Tour details to be announced.


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