Who else is in here? – The beginning of the charming fuck you show

by A Modern Man

“I have no idea who that guy is”. That would be the simple question. Well that is, if it wasn’t for the fact that the guy is me or at least shares a body with me. So who are we talking about here? We are talking about who I become when getting a mic in my hand and I do rather often get the question “who are you when you step up on the side and start preaching about the many great dangers of that thing called love?”. To tell you the truth, I’m not all that sure. It does not feel like any version of me that I was aware of until that mic and that stage showed up. To be honest it sometimes feels a bit scary to know that I share a body with that guy.

It all started when label manager Ian and I were planning the live show for the album. We knew that we did not only want a typical band show with drums, bass, keys and guitars. I was very keen on doing something more intimate where the lyrics would get a leading part. However, I wasn’t sure exactly what the character and the overall feeling of the show should be. In the beginning I thought it would be a vocal and piano thing. We actually did the show like that in the beginning, Ian on the piano and me doing the vocals and telling a bit about the lyrics between the songs. In many ways the show worked just fine, but thinking about it now I was a bit too polite for my taste.

What changed the show to what it is now was actually a bit of an coincidence. We were out somewhere one evening and somebody asked us to play a few songs. Since they did not have a piano Ian picked up an electric guitar that was plugged in and started to play some of the chords. I think he did it kind of as a prank as the guitar with lots of distortion did not sound remotely like the piano but I played along and started to introduce the song. I remember feeling right away that the sound of the guitar called for a very different way of introducing the songs and started to be a lot more playful about it. During the evening Ian started to double the vocals in the choruses and I began to let go to this strange preaching persona that was showing up in me.

By the way. That was also the evening the show got it’s nickname. At some point half way into the show I find myself addressing the audience with a deep serious woice and welcoming them to ‘The Charming Fuck You Show’ by A Modern Man

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