Time is perfect to enter next phase

Founder and Exec from BritishPopSongs / BeatHouse Managment & Online PR agency Ian Nilsen reveals plans for the next phase of the BeatHouse/BritishPopSongs adventure in Berlin.

Ian Nilsen mentioned that the current change of tone within the global recording industry over the last six months signaled that it was time to move into the next phase of the label probably a little earlier than predicted in 2016. BritishPopSongs initially planned to continue spending considerable time with it’s semi-pro roaster and thus giving them amble time to continue development, however this seems to have given too little time for the real professionals and the more dedicated among the roaster.“I feel that we need to balance it a little more, first and foremost to keep a good cash-flow, because without it, we essential would put ourselves in a corner. At the same time I also feel that we need to prioritize the artists that really fight their corner a little more, and the ones that goes a bit loose a little less attention at the moment. I guess it’s a pretty natural thing to do.I feel that being an artist today is all about sustaining, a willing to succeed, invest in your own career, keep going, effectively be the artist that you pretend to be. If music is your hobby, no problem, but within the framework of BritishPopSongs that is not really possible.The beauty with this label is that we produces high quality indie/pop because we so believe in it, and for us to be loose and easy to work with we must make sure that we all as artists are all in, that everyone want sto invest in themselves as artists”Ian Nilsen say that in terms of company setups, there will be some changes too.
BeatHouse International will be home to Management and Online PR for both the top parts of BritishPopSongs artists and then for artists that are not associated with the label. These are all artists that are top of their game now and true professionals.

BritishPopSongs will run effectively run a two-level structure with a few priority artists and then a number of artists that for on reason or another goes easy on the ride so to speak.International project related song writing/producing tasks by Ian Nilsen will also be managed by BeatHouse International from now on.Ian Nilsen – talks about the importance of being independent, but also ensuring that it all doesn’t run out in the sand.

“I really feel proud of launching something that has grown this much, with a 100 song strong catalogue, that can go challenge all the bigger players in the industry when everyone just kept asking when you were going to fold and stay grounded. This next step is just moving us even closer the ultimate goal, being able to release hit records made by ourselves but in partnership with some of the best of the people in the industry. What I will make sure is that the my artists are on top of the game and real professionals that you can count on”

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