This Is Berlin

With the impending release of This Is Berlin, the 9th of November, Scandinavian Ian Nilsen joins in on the celebrations of the true great city that is Berlin. It was the 9th of November 25 years ago that the wall that had stood in Berlin during the cold war was to be no more, and this is to be celebrated during a two week period.

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Probably the real momentum in Ian Nilsen’s multi-faceted career, the high point, is in many ways this very song, and subsequent album with it’s ten cover versions, performed by a range of highly talented Berlin artists, such as label mate A Modern Man.

Late last year he sat down with much respected Berlin art and fashion photographer Tom Lemke and had a series of talks about art, photo and music. Tom Lemke is total fun and fantastic company and these days they did spend together inspired Ian to write a David Bowie/Iggy Pop Berlin era styles celebration song to Berlin and all it’s marvelous inhabitants. Tom is also to do his very personal version of the song.

Ian has also been collaborating with “A Modern Man”, a fellow Berlin resident and artist that is connected to his label BritishPopSongs. While the “a Modern Man” version is a low key airy peace of highest quality singer /songwriter pop, his own and original version is a loud sing-a-long David Bowie styled ultra pop piece of stadium anthem that soon gets you arms in the air.

The lyrics reflects on all that is both good and bad about the city of Berlin, no real Berliner will find himself offended at negatives, for such is the real feeling in this fantastic city, that Berliners are… Berliners.

Now as the early movers and trendsetters have had done with “This Is Berlin”, it’s time for everyone to celebrate a real unique moment in history and join the chorus:

Some people are losers
some people are winners
but Berlin loves us
and Berlin hates us all

the This Is Berlin album is out sometime 2017.

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