Press Release – Story By Wall – One More Time

The American/Scandinavian singer/songwriter W@LL may not yet be known by the international lovers of the great British sound, but he sure does fly the flag for the sound championed by the likes of David Bowie, the Smiths and more recently Snow Patrol.

He could somehow have sunk beneath such great company, but with the release of debut single One More Time through BritishPopSongs UK, he does proove to be a worthy successor in his own right.

Like these bands before him, he embraces bittersweat soundscapes together with a real knack for good song writing and with the help of label manager Ian Nilsen he produces music that instantly could please your ears. He has a past in various other bands, but have maybe never been as catchy as this time around. One More Time is a superb pop song, a real bold piece of modern pop music of high order, a real one to chill too, deepen yourself into and that’s no bad thing by any means.

TRACK: One More Time
LABEL: BritishPopSongs UK
Release Date: tba
Label Contact:

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