Press Release – Stian Summer – Introducing Stian Summer Volume 1

With songs build up around basic rock’n roll instrumentations… guitars, bass, keyboards, pianos, programmed drums and strings all performed and programmed by himself, one could easily imagine that the sound of Stian Summer would be heading towards a rather self-indulgent, self-absorbing destiny.

One Man Band: Scandinavian born singer-songwriter and BritishPopSongs founder Ian Nilsen performs for the first time as his alter-ego Stian Summer on his soon to be released debut “Introducing Stian Summer Volume One”.

Having literally composed, arranged and produced hundreds of songs via his very productive past in London or later for the host of artists that have had been lucky enough to be part of the BritshPopSongs family before being scaled down by him last year, he is now making chart breakthroughs with a collection of songs written for himself by himself that draws influences from 70’s and 80’s British Pop music, from Bowie, Cure, Smiths and Coldplay.

Dividing his time between Copenhagen and Berlin, he got his eyes set on top 20, with an album that embraces all the good about British and Scandinavian music. Lush harmonies, edgy guitars, catchy tunes and a hell of a lot of attitude.

Although Stian Summer is not exactly ‘real’, being a half fictious figure based loosely on Ian himself (albeit younger and less responsible) so to say, Ian do bring much heart and soul into this rather unique album. It happens to be his first album that he does for himself.

The opening track Lucy is exactly that kind of understaded, rock anthem tune that you might expect from such a workaholic and dedicated man, and as you scroll through the songs, all ten of them, there is a sense that this probably is only the very beginning in the career of Stian Summer.

Introducing Stian Summer Volume One is out on BritishPopSongs this spring via BritishPopSongs.


Free downloads via the BritishPopSongs #singleclub here:


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