Its clear that the best thing about touring as a live band, is to finish your show and get out into the city nightlife.



If you are fed up with a too cool to mention attitude from some bands it’s refreshing to meet someone like the artists on cool label BritishPopSongs. You’re not alone in thinking that many bands have displayed a rather obnoxious attitude over the years towards everyone around them, but it seems that this trend is slowly changing. Is it because adulthood has set in, that We don’t know but, but we are looking forward to a 2011 and a more reasonable behaviour, such as from the folks at BritishPopSongs on the road, with… yeah, endless nights for sure, but also a much more peaceful setting that one would expect.


2010 was the year it all began at BritishPopSongs, where offers for doing things differently was turned down, to make way for this new look setup and a rather new way of making records.

Some of the tunes that comes out qualify for “tunes of the year” for sure, but it is now to be seen if this exciting new setup stands the present climate in the entertainment industry. Odd are in favour.

“In times likes these, the best thing is to be innovative and to do your own thing”, say founder Ian Nilsen, “We will release records that will be kept and listened and re-listened to by as many people as possible. If it’s possible to make durable and well crafted songs under tight deadlines and budgets then it’s a rare pleasure, and something I’m truely happy tp be part of”

So speaking of BritishpopSongs, if we for once can see a good initiative come out commercially on top, it so absolutly has all the odds going for it.

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