Mathildes Destiny

Its pop with punk, trance and swing, and it’s original, fun and full-on. Inspired by US college rock and mainstream English pop, Ian Nielsen and Pete Morrison have set out on an inter-gallactic adventure, captured through story and cartoons, a clever and interactive web presence and some highly catchy songs, in what could be one of the surprises of the future.



Ian has spent many years in the music industry in London UK, whilst Pete is a professional classical and improvisational performer and gifted poet, born and raised in Australia.Together they have embarked on this journey of Mathilde and Johnny – a collective, layered pop/rock sound with elements from many musical genres which they call ‘elements from the everywhere’, set in a world beyond the daily lifestyles we tread.

Mathildes Destiny – Journey On The White Wave (EP)
RELEASE Spring 2017

How else best to describe Mathildes Destiny? Well, it’s layers of instrumentation and catchy, somewhat cheeky song-writing. A child-within exploration of music, sprinkled with Cat Stevens, Tom Waits, Wagner, french Impressionism, and more.

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