Coming into 2017

They officially launced last year or shortly before that in earnest, but already it’s clear that BritishPopSongs is no ordinary musical startup company.

Ian Nilsen has written many a song since leaving school and worked with a host of talented people in the past, but by fronting his own imprint he has gone into some sort of an overdrive. BPS is not online a music label, but also a factory of creative juices spanning from books, the internet and visuals too, all with the one goal, to bring out his ‘sound’ to anyone who likes to know.

He is pretty assured, but also very humble in his approch, for example, he would never talk to people about what he does for a living if he feels that they would not be interested.

“I have in the past try to talk  to people about all the ideas i might have, but they just seemed to be pretty annoyed by it. For long I didn’t understand why, but i think i got older and a bit wiser, he laughs.”

He got enough material lying around for a lifetime’s work, but there will be more to come he assures.
Unusally, for a young company with so big ambitions, they have had a hard time getting funding in todays financial climate.

“Oh yes, that’s hard, but I found out that it is hard for everyone out there, and some advisers came in a said that I needed no one really. Sure, money would be tight, but control would be all mine in the end, and how much I enjoy that. It’s not often that a week passes without I have changed direction 180 degrees on something that didn’t work out for some reason. I can imagine if I had to be responsable towards investors on a daily basis, that simply would not work out.”

He returns to his office once more to continue work on his onslaught on the world with a rather fresh take on a music industry that has somehow become an old mens club.

“I know tons of musos that are so unhappy about their label deals and that get paid next to nothing. but when I talk to many they simply do not believe in what I got going, but you know, I don’t care, don’t think you should do if you know where you are heading”

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