Christmas Time (Remixed)

Naming a Christmas single Christmas Time, speak probably volumes about the real intent behind and although Wall and his label manager discussed, albeit briefly, more well-thought titles such as light for everyone they were quickly dismissed.


The song is actually a little clever re-writing of one of the tracks on soon to be released EP debut from WALL.
Christmas Time is not a “Oooh look at me” kind of song, it got a real message of intent that WALL would very much would like to tell people about here up to Christmas. “I think it would be rather nice with a Christmas song that naturally is feel-good, with a good chorus that everybody can join in on, but also a song that at the same time got something important to say, touching central issues such as loving each other and if you at Christmas are with the people that are closest to you, even these dark periods can lighten up.

”Christmas is not only about the biggest gifts, new iPad, new flat-screens and all other things that money can buy. Out there you got people that got no homes, no tap water or simply are in middle of the crises of their life.I have always felt when i hear a song for the first time, that it’s a bit like a first date. First impression is so important, you find out if you want to see the person or hear the song again. If the song got nothing to say, no substance, then interest will die quickly.”WALL has an excellent EP to promote to all lovers of great music and it will be out later this December. It only takes moments to understand that here is an more than excellent vocalist with a voice to die for and some real good songs to support it.Until then listen or download Christmas Time and make this years Christmas a little different that last year.

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