It’s about a few weeks within the release of a BEST OF and an EP from multi talented hipster M.A.G.N.U.S. and its pretty busy at the BritishPopSongs office.

There are quite a few things to tie up before all is ready. Even in today’s world of online releases and marketing nothing should be forgotten about when you are to release a song. Many of the social networks that you use in todays marketing, don’t allow for boredom or mistakes because as it is people simply moves on to the next thing on their Facebook or twitter pages.

The big thing today is not about cost of production and distribution as such, but more about having something original to offer the world. And it will be like that more and more.
It is no secret that there are a lot of music out there, so you need something different to stand out from the crowd, however BPS do not see it a as a problem that so much music exists in cyberspace.

We caught up with Ian for a round-up…

Ian Nilsen

Ian Nilsen

First of all, I think the ability to put out music without involvement of complex contractual obligations is one of the most important things that has happened in the world of music today. effectively you can do whatever you want, whenever you want and as you please.

If you sell or not is another question, but that’s nothing new, it has always been like that. It is true that if you put songs out in cyberspace you do earn pretty well if you control your own rights and releases, but that could well be nothing if you sell none. Nobody is going to find you if they don’t hear about you. But again if it cost nothing or next to nothing to produce then you need not to sell many before you breaks even in he first place.

Exposure is important, but I do believe that a good song, always will get discovered, however long time it will take. There are many good songs out there, but not many that stands out as such. You don’t often know it yourself, it sorts of happen in front of you. A good song is the sum of so many things, The vocal, lyrics, beat, chord progressions but also the timing of the all. That is what did make England such an important place for modern music, all about timing, fashion and social/political events leading up to it. I have held many discussions with people around me , that really do not believe and share my views and its an uphill struggle, but i’ll stick to my guns and go on.

However having said that, I leave plenty of room for improvement, and are not afraid to turn around 100 degrees if something does not work”

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